Simon gets his eye fixed!

What do you get when you mix a Persian Cat, a Poodle coat, and a ton of personality?  You get Simon, of course!

This unique four year old boy came to the shelter in quite a state.  He had been living rough on the streets and it showed.  He was thin, his coat was a mess, and he had a cherry eye in his right eye, which caused his third eyelid to protrude.   Not fun!

Why am I not receiving pets?

Simon was super happy to be back inside with a warm blanket and all the food he wanted.  This sweet boy started purring right away and began seeking out pets, affection and *lots* of attention.  Simon, you see, is a prince among cats, and he won’t let you forget it!  He is super outgoing, requires pets from everyone he meets, and gives headbutts anyone who comes into range.   He quickly settled in at the shelter, and his kennel was renamed “The Persian Palace”.

That’s better!

Now that he was settled in, it was time to get that cherry eye repaired.   An appointment was made at Animal Vision Center, and Dr. McNabb performed the surgery to fix Simon’s eye.  (Thank you Dr. McNabb!!!)  Simon was happy to have his eye fixed, but he wasn’t thrilled about wearing a cone.  We tried to convince him it was actually a crown for a prince, but he wasn’t buying it.

Mmm, right there.

Simon spent a few weeks recovering in medical and quickly became the medical mascot.  He’d wander the room each day, checking in with staff and volunteers, making sure all was going well, and basically reminding everyone that he owned the place.  (Hey, he’s a Prince!)  This little cat had so much personality we were amazed it all fit in the kennel!

Check out my new bed!

Once he was medically cleared Simon found a home right away and adjusted seamlessly.  He gets along with everybody, and his owner says he couldn’t ask for a cat with a better disposition.  His new brother was startled to say the least by this Muppet in his midst, but Simon’s calm playful personality won him over very quickly and now they’re best buddies.

It’s ok, I can share.

The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter would like to thank everyone who made Simon’s happy story possible:  The Shelter staff and Volunteers who cared for him, Dr. McNabb who fixed his eye, our generous donors who made his surgery possible, and of course, Simon’s new dad.  Thank you for giving Simon a second chance!