2022 Orientation Dates

– January 15th
– February 19th
– March 19th
– April 16th
– May 21st
– June 18th
– July 16th
– August 20th
– September 17th
– October 15th
– November 19th
– December 17th

The VBAS is a 100% volunteer-run organization, which means we are looking for committed volunteers who are able to provide basic care for the animals and assist with adoptions as well as participate in and run our various programs.

Volunteer Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must commit to volunteer 8 hours per month and attend 5 of our 10 volunteer meetings per year.
  • You must commit to volunteering for a minimum of one year.

Orientation is back for 2022!

    • Orientation occurs every month, on the third Saturday of the month, beginning in January 2022.
    • Please allow 60-90 minutes for the orientation.  Orientation starts at 9 a.m.
    • During Orientation we will cover general Shelter duties, event committees, VBAS requirements, training, KFP, take a tour and Q&A.
    • Orientation is on a first come first served basis.  The first 15 people to sign up will be able to attend Orientation.  If you miss this you will have to wait and attend the NEXT Orientation posted date.  Please note:  To attend Orientation, you must be fully COVID vaccinated.
  • Our April orientation is now full and registration is closed.  Please check back here for May!

Volunteer Application Process

  • Sign up and attend an orientation.
  • Following orientation, complete the application which will be available on this page for one week.
  • Upon receipt of your application, you will be given a list of Volunteers available for you to observe.  You must complete at least 1 observation session at the Shelter.
  • You will then be moved on and be interviewed by a VBAS member.
  • You will then go through LiveScan and a background check as required by the City of Burbank.
  • Please note: completion of any or all of the above steps does not automatically constitute acceptance as a VBAS volunteer. Upon approval from both the VBAS and the Burbank Police Department, your badge will be available and you will be contacted to schedule your first training session.